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Copyright For Naija: All You Need Sabi

You fit dey wonder how copyright dey work for we country Naija. No worry! This na correct guide wey go show you everything wey you need know about how dem dey register copyright, the koko things you need do, the laws, who get the copyright, how e dey work for international level, and the latest tori wey dey about copyright for Naija.

You don ever wonder if we get any main office wey dey handle copyright for Naija? Yes, we get! Na Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC) dem dey call am1^. Dem dey in charge of everything wey consign copyright for Naija. Their work na to register copyright, dey check mata wey consign say person steal person work, and to teach people about copyright mata.

Naija get system for how dem dey register copyright? Yes o! To apply for copyright registration, you go need submit your application give NCC, carry copy of the work go and the money wey you suppose pay1^. So, e dey compulsory to register copyright? No, e no dey compulsory. But if you no register, you no go get punishment, but if you register, e go better for you because you fit show say na you get the work.

The Main Things You Need Do

Make we talk about the main things you need do. You need to put copyright notice for your work for Naija? No, e no dey compulsory, but e good make you put am to prevent person wey wan steal your work. Wetin go happen if you no deposit your copyright? You no get any obligation to deposit your copyright for Naija1^.

So, wetin go happen if you no register your copyright work? Dem no go punish you if you no register, but if you register e go help you incase anybody wan argue with you about who get the work or say person steal your work.


If we dey talk about law, Naija law for copyright dey inside Copyright Act of 19882^. Na NCC dey enforce this law.

Naija copyright law get special rules wey dey handle how people dey use other people work for internet3^. The law get power to handle foreign people or websites wey steal work.

Who Get The Work

Copyright ownership fit dey confusing small. For Naija, the person wey first create the work na im be the owner. But if na work wey person do as e dey work for company, na the company get the copyright except if dem write am for agreement say na the worker get am1^.

The same thing dey apply for work wey person wey dem contract do. Person fit share ownership of copyright work for Naija. Person fit transfer or allow another person use am, but na the agreement wey the two people go make go determine how e go be1^.

How E Dey Work For International Level

Make we see as e dey work for international level! Naija don sign many international copyright agreements, like Berne Convention and WIPO Copyright Treaty4^. These agreements dey make Naija protect rights of foreign people wey create work for Naija and also protect Naija people wey create work for outside Naija.

Latest Tori

For latest tori, Naija dey push make dem dey enforce copyright pass as before for digital level. As digital media dey rise, dem dey

make effort to protect the rights of people wey dey create work for internet3^. We also dey see plenty campaign by NCC to teach people about copyright law and wetin go happen if person steal person work5^.

For nutshell, Naija copyright na something wey dey change to fit the needs of this our digital world. By understanding how dem dey register copyright, the law and who get the copyright, we fit help make sure say people dey respect people wey dey create work and make fair use.

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